Monday, February 14, 2011

"You bought a used lion?"

The quote in the title is from one of my all-time favorite movies, Second Hand Lions.  In the film, a young boy is sent to Texas to live with his wealthy, eccentric uncles.  No one really knows the story of these two old men, but there are lots of rumors about how they obtained their wealth.  For me, what makes this movie so captivating is the stories these two men tell.  Their early years were full of life and adventure.  As old men, they are trying to recapture the excitement of their youth.  Hence, buying a used lion to stage a safari in a cornfield.

My grandfather and grandmother.
Robert Duval plays Hub, one of the uncles.  In the film, he is the spitting image of my grandfather.  Everyone called him Charlie Mac.  I called him Papaw.  As a boy, I loved to sit on his lap and listen to tales of adventure.  I may never know how many of those stories were actually true, but they did inspire me to find my own sense of adventure and deep love of storytelling.  The stories Papaw told still live on in my heart through the memories he gave me.

I'm old enough now to look back on my own life and put my personal story in some context.  Over the past couple of years, I have spent a great deal time contemplating the things I have seen and experienced, both good and bad.  And I have come to realize that the sum of those things, in many ways, make me who I am today.  My life is a story.  Viewing it that way has helped me move from just watching my life unfold like a movie on a screen, to seeing the adventures come to life before me.

Just like Hub and Charlie Mac, we all have great stories of life and adventure.  And those adventures don't have to end as we grow older.  They are the stuff of life.  How we choose to view them makes all the difference.  Let's pass those stories on to those we love.


  1. This is one of my favorite movies too. Good thoughts, Steve. Good start on the Blog Journey! Keep it up.


  2. This is great Steve...that movie rocks...we should watch it sometime!